Learn from my Experience with Stericycle

A diligent business owner reviews their bills to make sure they are accurate and consistent.  We also should keep an eye out for new vendors that can offer us (a) the same great product/service at a reduced rate, or (b)…

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Is This the End of the World as We Know It?

Which business model do you like better, dentistry or medicine?
The answer is dentistry, of course.  Why they hell would we want to have waiting rooms full of annoyed patients, getting paid a pittance on volumes of visits?  Why would…

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implant emergence profile

Rescuing Food Traps Around Implants

So a patient comes into my office complaining about her implant restoration # 19.  No, the implant isn’t failing, the gingiva are basically healthy, and the crown looks decent.  The problem is that she traps food around it CONSTANTLY.  It…

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New Dentist Conference

Our Generation Must Go to More Conferences

In 2006, on a whim, I travelled with several perio residents to the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Osseointegration in Seattle.  I was a general practice resident at Stony Brook with unused vacation days and no idea how to…

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We were promised hoverboards!

We are Living in the Future

I was drinking a glass of Washington Pinot Noir at The Modern Hotel in Boise, Idaho.  The next day I’d be taking a sleep apnea course from our friend, Dr. Dan Bruce.  I got an email from Dr. Greg Bohle,…

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The Problem is Caring to Access, Not Access to Care

I’m tired of hearing solutions to problems that don’t exist.  The problem isn’t that patients can’t afford dental care.  The problem is that patients don’t value dental care.
Graduating more dentists doesn’t solve that problem.  Insurance carriers reducing fee schedules…

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“Surgical-Restorative Resource” Update #6

Welcome to another collection of articles from The Surgical-Restorative Resource, a website I co-edit with Dr. Scott Froum that focuses on the team approach to complex care.  We publish two articles, twice a month and send them our via our…

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What I Learned From Almost Getting Sued

Last week I settled a financial dispute with a patient who was threatening litigation.  I negotiated a partial refund for services I had rendered and the matter is now closed, but I don’t feel great about the whole situation.  I…

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Dentist the Menace

Lie, Cheat, and Steal: My Interview with Dentist the Menace

I salut the work being done over at Dentist the Menace, a blog devoted to exposing the corrupt few who tarnish the reputations of the rest of us.  We all get a black-eye when a dentist committs Medicaid fraud, fails…

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ada ndc

Registration is Open for My Favorite Conference

For the past nine years I’ve attended the ADA New Dentist Conference.  My first time was as a freshly-graduated dental student; my last time was as the Chair of the New Dentist Committee, which hosts the event.  In those nine…

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