The White Coat Investor is Awesome

  The world of dentists blogging for dentists is pretty small.  I’ve been playing in that world for about four years now and I finally just came across one of the best ones yet.  Maybe he’s been off my radar…
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The Customer is Not Always Right

I’m a fan of outstanding service.  I’ve read books like “Setting the Table” by Danny Meyer, spoken with business owners who I believed had acheived a high level of customer service, and have attempted to apply what I’ve learned to…
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Dental Economics and The Curious Dentist

  Hello my friends, Last week I announced on our Facebook and Twitter pages that I have accepted the position of Chief Editor of Dental Economics.  This is really my dream job and I couldn’t be more excited to get…
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Sales woman

An Open Letter to Dental Sales Reps

I’ve been practicing for about 10 years now.  In that time I have learned that being a dental sales representative can be a pretty tough job.  They travel endlessly, have to put up with quirky dentists, and are under constant…
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Overhead percentage

Overhead Percentages for Your Practice

Overhead.  That evil monster that will quietly eat up your gross collections until nothing is left for you to take home.  It’s so dangerous because it’s often invisable.  You get peeks of the overhead monster when you see a stack…
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Peri-implant mocositis

VIDEO: Treating Peri-Implant Mucositis

Peri-implant disease is in all of our practices.  All of them. Your ability to diagnose peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis is as critical as your ability to diagnose gingivitis and periodontitis around natural teeth.  And what’s more, you or your hygienist…
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3 patient needs

The 3 Patient Needs

One of my former professors at Stony Brook, Dr. Barry Waldman, has a way with words.  He was the first lecturer to impress upon me the importance of effective communication with patients.  Here’s one of his classics: “Patients don’t care…
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3 Reasons Dental Grads Should Do a GPR

I know a lot of dental students read this blog, so if you’re one of them, here’s my appeal to you: do a GPR after graduation. If you’re going on to a specialty, like ortho, then doing a general practice…
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New billing statement

Better Billing Statements

Recently I began re-evaluating the mail I send to my patients.  It’s pretty much just welcome letters, recall post cards, brithday cards, and billing statements.  That last one is arguably the most important so I took a long look at…
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Hygiene Implants

An Amusing Webinar on Implant Hygiene

I’ve been writing and lecturing  with periodontist Dr. Scott Froum for several years now and it’s never boring.  We both have an energetic style and a similar sense of humor so when we take the stage together we have a great time.…
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