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How to Work Two Treatment Rooms Efficiently

When I opened my office in 2010 I had more than one operatory to work out of and barely any idea how to do that efficiently.  I thought I was doing well because we would see a patient in one…
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I Took a Patient to Court for Collections

A few months ago my office manager knocked on my door.  “Our collections attorney set a court date for the Johnsons.  He wants to know if you still want to pursue it.” “Who the heck are the Johnsons?” I replied.…
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The left lateral incisior will receive a veneer.  Note all of the "personality" on the adjacent incisors.  We have craze lines, small incisal chips, and other details that the lab technician can emulate.  Bonus points for using a contrastor to black out the background and help show translucency.

Communicating Shade to Labs

I used to just wrtie “A2″ in a box on a lab sheet and hope that the lab would figure it out.  That was pretty dumb. Unfortunately (or fortunately) our teeth are not identical to the VITA shade guide tabs.…
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Depression and Dentistry

No doubt you’ve heard that dentists have the highest suicide rate of any profession.  Is that true? Well before I address that, let’s talk briefly about depression.  Everyone gets a little down now and then; it’s a part of life.…
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Collections process

Getting Paid On Time: Managing Accounts Receivable

My jaw hit the floor. Last night I spoke with a friend who works as an associate in another practice.  She told me her office’s policy is to send patients to collections after 150 days.  One, hundred, and, fifty, days.…
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Here’s My Policy on Advertising on this Blog

Quite simply: I don’t allow advertising on The Curious Dentist. I write this blog for fun, to keep in touch with people, to share content from my lectures, and to generate discussion with colleagues.  I do not write this blog…
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The White Coat Investor is Awesome

  The world of dentists blogging for dentists is pretty small.  I’ve been playing in that world for about four years now and I finally just came across one of the best ones yet.  Maybe he’s been off my radar…
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The Customer is Not Always Right

I’m a fan of outstanding service.  I’ve read books like “Setting the Table” by Danny Meyer, spoken with business owners who I believed had acheived a high level of customer service, and have attempted to apply what I’ve learned to…
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Dental Economics and The Curious Dentist

  Hello my friends, Last week I announced on our Facebook and Twitter pages that I have accepted the position of Chief Editor of Dental Economics.  This is really my dream job and I couldn’t be more excited to get…
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Sales woman

An Open Letter to Dental Sales Reps

I’ve been practicing for about 10 years now.  In that time I have learned that being a dental sales representative can be a pretty tough job.  They travel endlessly, have to put up with quirky dentists, and are under constant…
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