Clinical Dentistry

3 Reasons Dental Grads Should Do a GPR

I know a lot of dental students read this blog, so if you’re one of them, here’s my appeal to you: do a GPR after graduation. If you’re going on to a specialty, like ortho, then doing a general practice… Read More

An Amusing Webinar on Implant Hygiene

I’ve been writing and lecturing  with periodontist Dr. Scott Froum for several years now and it’s never boring.  We both have an energetic style and a similar sense of humor so when we take the stage together we have a great time.… Read More

Rescuing Food Traps Around Implants

So a patient comes into my office complaining about her implant restoration # 19.  No, the implant isn’t failing, the gingiva are basically healthy, and the crown looks decent.  The problem is that she traps food around it CONSTANTLY.  It… Read More

Our Generation Must Go to More Conferences

In 2006, on a whim, I travelled with several perio residents to the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Osseointegration in Seattle.  I was a general practice resident at Stony Brook with unused vacation days and no idea how to… Read More

“Surgical-Restorative Resource” Update #6

Welcome to another collection of articles from The Surgical-Restorative Resource, a website I co-edit with Dr. Scott Froum that focuses on the team approach to complex care.  We publish two articles, twice a month and send them our via our… Read More

Registration is Open for My Favorite Conference

For the past nine years I’ve attended the ADA New Dentist Conference.  My first time was as a freshly-graduated dental student; my last time was as the Chair of the New Dentist Committee, which hosts the event.  In those nine… Read More

Video: How to Make an Implant Verification Jig

This is one of the critical steps in implant dentistry that is often skipped by the restorative dentist. If we’re splinting implant crowns together we should make sure our model is accurate before casting and milling is started.  Otherwise misfit… Read More

10 Most Popular Curious Dentist Articles of 2013

Another year has come and gone.  What have we learned?  I learned to not write about amalgam conspiracies because some non-dentists will lose their minds and start spamming the comments section with inane dribble.  Nah, I’ll just keep writing about… Read More

New ADA Statement for Employee Dentists

Can an owner dentist dictate what procedures you perform?  If you don’t use the lab they suggest, can they fire you? These and other questions were recently addressed by the American Dental Association’s House of Delegates.  Since the answers lie… Read More

Simple Occlusal Adjustments to Treat Muscle Pain

I’ve written many times on this blog about my belief that occlusion is one of the potential causes of TMD symptoms.  An occluso-muscle disorder is one in which the relationship between upper and lower teeth trigger certain muscles of mastication… Read More