Clinical Dentistry

I’ve Had Enough of Mall Whitening

There aren’t many topics of discussion that make me fill with rage.  Normally I can listen to both sides of the debate and enjoy a good, spirited, intellectual conversation about an issue.  But “mall whitening” makes me so mad I… Read More

My Guide to the 2013 ADA Annual Session

I don’t need reasons to attend ADA Annual Session.  I’ve been enough times to know every year means I’ll grow professionally and clinically over the course of the convention.  I recharge my batteries as a dentist while I catch up… Read More

How I Do a Core Build-Up

Some third-party insurance companies refuse to pay for a core build-up procedure unless there has also been a post placed.  This is disgusting. There are absolutely clinical situations where it is reasonable to want a core but placing a post… Read More

“Surgical-Restorative Resource” Update #5

It’s been almost a year since I’ve provided a selection of clinical articles from The Surgical-Restorative Resource, a website I co-edit with Dr. Scott Froum.  Each month we publish four articles that focus on the team approach to complex care.  Updates… Read More

3 Techniques for Cementing Implant Crowns

When we cement crowns on natural teeth, the tendency is to slather a heaping pile of the stuff to fill up the crown and then seat it with a satisfying smoosh.  The excess spills over and we clean it up… Read More

Lithium Disilicate or Zirconia?

I have virtually eliminated the porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crown from my practice. Over the past few years, my confidence in all-ceramic crowns has skyrocketed to the point that it is pretty much all I do for crown and bridge restorations.  I’ve… Read More

3 Resources for Making Your Endo Awesome

You may have noticed that I don’t write about endodontics on this blog.  First, let me say that I enjoy endo because it can be filled with those magic moments in dentistry that make you feel like a million bucks.… Read More

10 Things the ADA Did for You This Year

The year is half over.  What has organized dentistry done for you so far?  Quite a lot actually.  Below are just ten of the items that I found to be particularly interesting.  But let’s not forget the countless legislative victories… Read More

Amalgam Conspiracy Theories Make Me Sick

Oh boy, here we go… I’ve avoided writing about dental amalgam thus far.  The reason is that this is a blog for dentists and allied dental professionals, not the general public.  There is no real controversy about amalgam among the… Read More

Video: My Favorite Posterior Composite Resin and Curing Light

I have used many different composite resins for my posterior restorations and, to be honest, I never saw that much of a difference between them.  Sure, some had more flowable handling, some polished a little better, but ultimately I was… Read More