Practice Management

VIDEO: Profitability Strategies

In this next installment of “DE’s Business Lab,” I give an overview of basic strategies for increasing profit in a dental practice.  Sure, you can bring in more revenue, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that revenue will turn into profit…… Read More

The DSO Bubble on “The Dentalpreneur Podcast”

Dr. Mark Costes has become a powerhouse in podcasting and lecturing.  He runs one of the most successful podcasts, “The Dentalpreneur Podcast,” and he has a regular presence in many of our e-mail inboxes. Mark started off with some questions… Read More

Dental Overhead Podcast Interview

I’m excited to be a part of the Success in Practice event hosted by Jill Parker, RDH.  Jill is bringing together several practice management experts for a unique podcast experience. We sat down to discuss practice overhead and expenses.  How… Read More

VIDEO: Calculating Overhead

In this video we combine the concepts from Part One and Part Two and practice calculating overhead from your Profit and Loss Statement.  It’s easy!  Now you can quickly find out if you’re on target with your expenses or, if… Read More

VIDEO: The Profit & Loss Statement

How much money did your business collect and how much did it spend?  These pretty darn important questions are answered on the Profit and Loss Statement, also known as the P&L, also known as the Income Statement.  Your accountant should be… Read More

VIDEO: What is Overhead?

I’ve started a new video series called “DE’s Business Lab.”  I’ll explore a practice management topic over the course of a few short videos.  First up… overhead.  Enjoy!… Read More

My Interview on “Your Dental Success” Podcast

I’ve been knee deep in research on gross profit margins.  It’s a fundamental concept in business that has been sorely missed in dentistry.  I’ll have an article published in Dental Economics in March of 2017, but in the mean time… Read More

How Much is a Practice Worth?

Ask a dentist how they value a practice and you’ll typically hear something along the lines of “75% of last years gross.”  Here’s what that means.  They are taking last year’s gross collections (before deducting staff expenses and other types… Read More

Retirement Investments

I am not an expert in retirement planning. Not by a long shot.  But I’ve rounded up some of the best, non-biased information out there for you so you can start having better conversations with your financial planner. There are… Read More

Should We Charge Less?

For the foreseeable future, ADA research shows that there will continue to be an increase in the supply of dentists and  a decrease in the demand for our services by adults.  And yet we keep opening dental schools, but don’t… Read More