Practice Management

Supply Cost

Look at your dental supply catalog and you may be shocked at how expensive a bottle of bonding agent can be.  It won’t be a surprise then to find out that the cost of dental materials is one of the… Read More

Procedure Cost

I want to walk you through a concept I’ve been writing and lecturing about for a few years.  It’s called “procedure cost” and it’s a way of evaluating your fees. I wrote about how to calculate procedure cost back in… Read More

Daily Reports

I’m not the most organized person in the world.  I’ve never balanced my checkbook.  But there is one thing I’ve learned to do every single day I’m in the office.  I take less than five minutes to look at a… Read More

Flat Spending and the New Normal

If you think that the lull in patient flow is just temporary, then I have some news for you. Many dentists are noticing that they’re making less money than they used to and they aren’t as busy as they used to… Read More

Dentistry and the 2016 Mobile World Congress

Here’s my video blog from last week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona:… Read More

New Patients from Specialists

These days it seems that lots of GPs want to keep as much treatment in-house as possible.  Maybe it’s because general dentist earnings continue to go down.  Maybe its because overall patient spending on dentistry is flat despite rising costs.… Read More

Referral Cards

You know how you have stacks of referral cards for specialists at your front desk?  When you send a patient to your favorite endodontist because you don’t feel like trying to instrument a buccal-inclined maxillary second molar on a gagger… Read More

Hygiene Codes

Picture this: your hygienist has a full day of patients.  A couple of S/RPs, a couple of new patients, and some nice recalls.  Ahh… it’s a beautiful thing. But wait!  What’s that I see here?  She hasn’t been using the… Read More

Patient Discounts

Let me be clear: I am not a fan of offering patients discounts just to “sell” a case.  Chopping down your fees just to appease a bargain shopper trains patients to become consumers for their health care.  As I’ve written… Read More

Increasing Active Patients

Imagine if all we had to do was hang up our shingles and a line of patients showed up out the door.  Those days are long gone.  As business owners, we must plan how we will increase our numbers of active patients.… Read More