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It’s been about a full year since I took over as Chief Editor of Dental Economics and I couldn’t be happier.  I’ve worked with the editorial and design team to relaunch the visuals and tone of DE and I’m thrilled to see it getting a warm reception.

Part of what makes my job so much fun is that I get to invite friends and colleagues to bring their talents to the pages of DE.  There aren’t enough opportunities for the next generation of writers and lecturers to share their perspectives and I’m sincerely trying to change that.

Another platform I’ve inherited is the e-newsletter, “DE’s Expert Tips and Tricks.”  Think of is as a blog version of Dental Economics.  Twice a month, Meg Kaiser and I  publish original content and popular articles from our other e-newsletters.  All of this content lives online at, which is a massive warehouse of clinical and practice management content.

So, if you haven’t already, check out the dental e-newsletter subscription page and check off the ones you’d like to start receiving.  You’ll also find:

The Perio-Implant Advisory” by Scott Froum DDS (formerly The Surgical-Restorative Resource)
Focusing on surgeries, implants, complications, and other super-impressive dentistry

Pearls for your Practice: The Product Navigator” by Joshua Austin DDS
Following Josh’s popular column in DE, this is where he can go into greater depth on products, share videos, and answer your product questions.

Breakthrough Clinical” by Stacey Simmons DDS
Stacey shares cases about bread-and-butter, everyday dentistry.  Look here for lots of tips on endo, ortho, and restorative.

APEX 360” by Zachary Kulsrud
This is where you can find out about the latest industry news, like which companies are buying out each other and trends in technology.

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