Enhancing the Esthetic Outcome of Implant Restorations with Socket Preservation

If you extract a tooth, do you have to place graft material in the socket?  If your answer is, “It depends,” then what factors does it depend upon?  What are the consequences of not grafting?

My colleague Dr. Scott Froum and I co-authored a paper that was published in this month’s Dental Economics on this very subject.  Here’s the link to Enhancing the Esthetic Outcome of Implant Restorations with Socket Preservation

As the title implies, I believe that socket preservation is a prosthetic decision as much as it is a surgical one.  Both my implant surgeon and I (and the patient) benefit from this procedure which is sometimes ignored by other dental teams.

In the article I discuss the prosthetic compensations that are sometimes necessary to make up for deficiencies of bone and gingiva.  I also raise questions about implant-protective occlusion and the very frustrating complications that can arise when harmful, off-axis loads are placed on your implant crown.

For example, this would ruin my day.

Scott gives an outstanding review of the literature with regards to how a socket heals with and without grafting.  His discussion of the latest and greatest in grafting materials should not be missed.

Currently the article can be read for free.  PennWell Dental Group charges an administrative fee if you choose to take a test at the end and get CE credit.

Happy reading!

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