I love to lecture.

I’m honored to be invited around the world to talk about my passions.  I’ve worked with large audiences on the main stage of national conferences, intimate teams at a local study clubs, and everything in between.  Whether I’m discussing advanced prosthetic concepts with seasoned dentists or polishing leadership skills with the youngest members of our profession, spending time with an audience is one of my sincere pleasures.

If you are interested in inviting me to your conference, dental society meeting, or study club, please contact me at curiousdentist@gmail.com.

Here are some of my most popular lectures that I’ve given.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information or to see if I can design a presentation that meets your needs.


Clinical Dentistry

Making Implant Dentistry Profitable and Predictable

I have restored implants and lost money.  Why is it that dentists struggle to keep implant dentistry profitable?  Perhaps your case acceptance is low, or your lab bill is too high, or there always seem to be costly complications that put you in the red.  This course will whip your systems into shape and make implant dentistry profitable and hassle free again.

Topics covered include:

Provisional restoration options
Creating fees
Case presentation
Avoiding costly complications

Prosthetic Complications and Dental Implants

A distinction must be made between implant survival and implant success.  Survival means there is still some level of osseointegration of the implant in the bone.  However, more discerning patients and dental teams have noted a host of complications that will not permit us to use the word “success” when describing many cases.  Achieving long term esthetics, function, and peri-implant health has become more important as we raise the standards for implant therapy.  It is simply not enough to achieve osseointegration anymore.

Topics covered include:
Types of complications- functional, hygienic, and cosmetic
Management of common restorative challenges
Best practices to reduce and avoid complications

Taking Charge of Implant Hygiene

It’s time for dentists to realize that hygienists are critical members of the implant team.  This course is designed to inspire hygienists to take a more active role in the prevention, recognition, and treatment of peri-implantitis and peri-implant mucositis.  Current in-office and at-home therapies will be reviewed to build an arsenal for the hygienist.

Topics covered include:
Recognizing peri-implant disease
Hygienic complications
Developing an implant hygiene protocol
Home care solutions



Restoring Implants 101

Everything you wanted to know about restoring dental implants but were afraid to ask.  This introductory course is designed for dentists and staff interested in taking the mystery out of implant impressions, temporization, and seating the final prosthesis. Perhaps most importantly, this course will also discuss treatment planning and case presentation; get your patients to say “Yes”!  A hands-on demonstration of implant components will be available.

Topics covered include:
Diagnosis and treatment planning
Case presentation and increasing acceptance
Implant impressions
Implant provisionals
Insertion of restoration


Practice Management and Leadership Development


How to Not Fail Miserably in Private Practice

We have been trained to be outstanding clinicians, not savvy business owners.  Many of us are afraid or, or simply ignore, the business end of our profession.  We’re unsure of how to read a profit and loss statement or motivate our staff.  Leading a successful practice doesn’t have to remain a mystery.  This course will discuss the most common mistakes we make that can slowly and silently ruin our offices.  You will leave armed with tools for best practices and practical tips.

Topics covered include:
Understanding financial statements
Controlling overhead costs
Managing and inspiring your team
More effective scheduling, case presentation, and billing
Cost-effective ways to market and grow your practice

Taming the Overhead Beast

Overhead.  That evil monster that will quietly eat up your gross collections until nothing is left for you to take home.  It’s so dangerous because it’s often invisible.  You get peeks of the overhead monster when you see a stack of bills on your desk or somehow lose money doing a case.  In this course we’ll expose your overhead wherever it’s hiding, develop systems to keep it in check, and suggest a method for evaluating fees.

Topics covered include:
Calculating practice overhead and comparing it to national averages
Trouble shooting ways to adjust practice systems to improve overhead percentages
Analyzing procedure costs as a method of determining fees and evaluating third party benefit panels

Super-charging Case Acceptance

Most dentists think their case acceptance rate is above 90%, but their practice reports would tell them otherwise. How are these cases falling through the cracks?  This course will give you the practical tips and power phrases to help your patients share your vision for comprehensive dentistry. Whether your office is fee-for-service or participating with third-party plans, you and your team will learn systems for getting patients engaged in their care.

Topics covered include:
Case presentation and increasing acceptance
Common barriers to treatment
Working with your office manager/treatment coordinator
Clear and concise speaking, avoiding rambling or saying the wrong thing

The Four Types of Dental Systems

The secret to managing a successful practice is systems.  Whether you’re figuring out how to improve accounts receivable or market to new patients, your approach should be the same.  There is no single playbook that will work for every practice but there is a leadership philosophy that will consistently get results.  In this course we’ll reveal the critical dental practice systems and give you the skill set you’ll need to customize and implement them into your own business.

Topics covered include:
Identifying the essential systems in a dental practice
Using key performance indicators to evaluate the success of your systems
Adapting best practices to your specific needs

Public Speaking: Conquer Your Fears, Master Your Words

Take a deep breath.  Everything will be okay.  If the idea of expressing your opinions in front of a group of people is terrifying, realize you’re not alone.  This course will teach you simple tricks for beginners and polish the honed skills of pros.

Topics covered include:
Persuasive – case presentations to patients, speaking at a committee
Ceremonial – toasts and farewells
Extemporaneous – networking for new patients, sound bites for press
Informative – lectures, power point mistakes