Snap-On Smile as an Alternative to a Flipper

Don’t you just hate flippers?

I’ve written before about my disdain for flippers (“A Flipper Shouldn’t Be our First Choice: Alternative Implant Provisional Restorations”) and the creative options that we have to use in their place.

An acrylic removable partial denture (aka “flipper”) presents some big disadvantages for us and our patients.  Briefly: (1)  they are tissue supported, so they can exert unexpected pressure on the tissue underneath, (2) they do not develop an emergence profile, which can compromise the final result, (3) pick acrylic can trick the patient into thinking they have gingiva that they don’t actually have, and (4) patients hate them because they’re removable and clumsy.

Seriously, Mr. Flipper, you're not fooling anybody. You stink.

So I prefer to use alternatives, which you can read about here.

But sometimes a flipper seems like our only choice.  The adjacent teeth are virgin, so we don’t want to chop them down just to use a temporary fixed partial denture (aka “acrylic bridge”).  And a resin-bonded bridge (aka “Maryland bridge”) can be a hassle because it’d hard to remove and replace for impressions, try-in, etc.

But there is another option in these cases.  Snap-On Smile (DenMat) is a lab-processed resin material that is custom made for your patient.  It simply slides over the adjacent teeth and holds in place by friction: no cement needed here.

Notice that the occlusal surfaces are left open on the adjacent teeth so as to not increase the vertical dimension.  In the middle, is a pontic just like the pontic of a temporary fixed partial denture.

Patients can eat with it in place and wear it while they sleep.  They only need to remove it during brushing and possible after a meal if necessary.  Not only does this make them more comfortable, it also means we have a better chance to sculpt an emergence profile.

Perhaps most importantly, Snap-On Smile is tooth-supported, which means no unexpected tissue pressure to hurt a graft or prematurely load an implant.

Fabrication is easy.  Take PVS impressions, bite, and shade, fill out a prescription, and send out to DenMat.  In 2 weeks you’ll get the case back.  These can go in without any adjustments or with minor alterations.

If it’s not seating, first check to make sure that the material is not interfering with the interproximal contacts.  If there’s still a problem, you may need to relieve some material from the inside.  I apply some ink (Thompson’s Marking Sticks work great) to the inner surface and seat it.  You’ll get an idea of what areas need to be adjusted.  Lastly, just make sure that the patient is not occluding on the material.  The occlusal holes may need to be widened slightly.

Adjusting a Snap-On Smile using Thompson's Marking Sticks

Pretty simple, no?  Just make sure you’re charging a reasonable fee.  The lab costs can range in the few hundreds depending on how many teeth you’re replacing.

Completed Snap-On Smile from occlusal and buccal views.

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  1. Tina says:

    What a great tip. I too hate flippers and am always looking for a better alternative for my patients. I had thought about snap on smiles but never tried it before. After reading this article I might start offering it to my patients. Thanks!

    • Chris says:

      Thanks! Let me know what you think about it.

    • Pamela Hart says:

      I’m not a dentist. Was fitted with a flipper for a root canal gone wrong – the tooth – crown broke off (an “eye” tooth in my smile, because the dentist ground it down too narrow, I FEEL ~ so it had to be dug out of my gums ~ I won’t wear the flipper ~ uncomfortable – ghastly device!

      Nowhere in all that is written about the “snap on smile” is anything said about the cost! Only about what it doesn’t cost. That is scary … I’m on S. S. a very small amount monthly, but I still would like to look nice. It should be available to those of us who care about our looks and who’ve always been careful to clean our teeth ~ but I have back problems and fell in ’99 and cracked a lot of teeth … hitting my face on the sidewalk ~ losing a tooth now and then … one on the other side but not where it shows. It is disturbing not to be able to afford “cosmetic” improvements when they seem so far over reality pricing. What is the cost?

      My web site is only a non-profit memorial site to my late husband’s music ~ I have no other income than my small social security.


      • Chris says:

        Pamela, I’m sorry to hear about your dental issues. I do not list the cost of Snap-On Smile because there is tremendous variability from patient to patient and office to office. Even dental insurance companies pay vastly different sums in different geographic areas. It would be inappropriate for me to list a fee based on all of this. I agree with you that flippers are no fun. That’s why I write these articles for dentists to help educate them as a possible alternative for their patients. Although not every patient is a candidate, I believe that Snap-On can help some patients. Flippers and Snap-On are meant to be temporary replacement for missing teeth, not long-term. You may require some financial assistance or a payment plan to get a more long-term solution that will be comfortable for you. Find a dentist you trust and discuss your options with him/her. Best of luck!

      • Jim Indian says:

        I had to have a flipper and the dentist put the wrong color of teeth on the flipper. I guess he was color blind. He also did a lot of other things bad. I am also on fixed income. He carged me $4,000. for the flipper and fill 6 teeth. The new dentist charged me to redo all the teeth he filled because he filled them wrong and he has to make me a new plate for $1800. because the teeth are off color and the flipper is no good.

        • Savana says:

          I am no professional but am certain that all dental work carried out by a dental professional in the uk is be covered by a warranty period. I would expect the same for the US. If your dental work failed soon after having the work done your dentist should have corrected his botched job. Warranty period is up to a year in the UK so you should always check before having any work carried out. I don’t blame you for not returning to this dentist but you could have made the dental practice aware of your concerns so that they could have it corrected at no extra cost to yourself. The additional 1800 dollar cost seems a hefty price to pay due to the services of a dentist who may perhaps be unaware he is colour/blind – recipe for disaster

          • Chris says:

            I think we largely are in agreement. Sometimes dentists make mistakes (we’re human) and other times the dentist did everything perfectly but the body rejects our treatment. Either way, I think a good dentist will stand by their patient and help make things right.

      • Greta says:

        I just purchased a lower one today. Higher price than I thought at $1900.00 but will look so much better than the flipper I paid $1400.00 for that I almost never wear. April 22, 2014

  2. Arshad Hasan says:

    Great case. Just one question. How did you creat space distal to first molar for the snap on to pass? The retainer of Snapon seems like a ring or it isn’t and just looks like one on ithe pic

    • Chris says:

      Thanks for the question. Snap-On Smile is designed with “windows” cut out around the interproximal contact areas, so no space needs to be created mesially or distally. The material on the retainers really just covers the facial and lingual surfaces and a ring around the occlusal.

  3. Al says:


    I’ve heard to stay away from small unilateral removable temporaries, due to risk of aspiration.

    • Chris says:

      That’s a great point! I’ve only done a few cases, but each time I found that these really do “snap” in place; they’re a tight fit. If I did a case where it seemed to come in and out easily, than I would advise the patient to not wear it overnight and only for social situations for the concern that you just raised. Thanks!

  4. I want to try this, but i’m a little bit worried about the side effects on the teeth periodontal space.

  5. Jeff says:

    I tried to get one of these (Denmat ‘Snap It’ 3-unit snap-on bridge) to provide a temporary for a central incisor slot. However, I was unable to find a provider that was affiliated with Denmat. As such, I went the more conventional route. Started with A flipper, which I could not tolerate. Then went to an Essix which was much better but not durable. Finally, ended up with a resin-bonded (maryland) bridge which was great until it had to be removed. It took the dentist 4 burr’s to cut it out and I still need another appointment to remove the wings. In other words, it eats up chair time. So, this would be my ranking for best provisional options:
    #1 Immediate Implant w/a temp restoration (if indicated)
    #2 Snap-It 3-unit snap-on bridge (in theory, because I never got the opportunity to try one)
    #3 Essix Retainer (may need many)
    #4 resin-bonded bridge (only ranks here because of removal issues I had)
    #5 Flipper (by far the worst of the options I tried)

    In any case, the Snap-On is surely something to consider if you can find a provider that’ll do it. In my area, most clinicians default to the flipper.

    • Chris says:

      Jeff, I completely agree with you! I have had more success with removing the resin-bonded bridges, but that may be due to the technical aspects of how the laboratory and I design them. But the best option is always to immediately load the implant if biologically and mechanically possible.

  6. Melinda says:

    Are you aware of a dentist in the Dallas Tx area that I can get a snap on smile? My son has a missing tooth on the side so he would need a 3 tooth snap on as seen in the picture you show. Can you tell me a average cost for one like the one shown?

    • Chris says:

      I would be happy to recommend someone. I happen to know a great dentist in Dallas. I’ll contact him first thing Monday morning and make sure he can treat your son.

  7. Jamie says:


    Do you happen to know anyone in Portland, Oregon who offers Denmat? I have to get tooth #7 extracted, and am looking for the best options for the interim periods while waiting for my implant.

    Thank you!

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  9. Donna says:

    I’m going to have to have one cracked tooth removed very soon because it can’t support a crown. My dentist wants me to have an implant, but it is cost prohibitive for me and I just don’t like the idea of an implant (scary). I’m 60 years old and would like the name of the doctor in the Dallas area who does snap on smile. Also, will my insurance cover any of the cost?

    • Chris says:

      I don’t like to use Snap On Smile as a long-term solution for a missing tooth, although some dentists do. 60 years of age is young! I’ve done implant cases on people in their 80s. Its about quality of life and what will make you comfortable. I have the name of a dentist in the Dallas area who I can recommend via e-mail.

  10. Aimee says:

    I’m in Greensboro NC. I just got extractions and a flipper. I’m missing all but 5 teeth on top. Is the snap-on an option for me verses the permanent partial denture?

    • Chris says:

      Hello Aimee! Thanks for your question. It sounds like you have a tough situation with only five teeth remaining. Your long-term options are (1) implants, (2) a fixed bridge on the remaining teeth, (3) a partial denture, (4) remove the remaining teeth for a full denture. Which option is best for you depends on a lot of factors, especially the condition and location of your remaining teeth. Your dentist should be able to guide you through this after a thorough examination and consultation. I prefer to use Snap-On Smile as a short-term solution to replace missing teeth. Snap-On may end up being a part of your complete dental plan once all of the factors are considered, but I generally would not recommend it for a long-term solution. Best of luck!

  11. Trent says:

    I have 1 tooth pulled out because of a basketball incident (elbow) and I’ve been using a partial denture for the past year and it looks fake my dentist didn’t meet even the lowest standards, it was also cutting my upper gums and my teeth were shifting anyways… someone told me they got there snap on smile for only $50.00!! But it was In a different state, do they offer the same care In san Diego ? She said you just had to call and give. Them your area code

    • Chris says:

      Sorry to hear you’ve been in some discomfort. $50.00 for a Snap On Smile does not sound right. The laboratory work costs much more than that, so I can’t imagine any dentists can offer that service for so little. Either way, I would recommend you replace your missing tooth with an implant or a bridge. Removable prostheses can be uncomfortable even when they are made well!

    • pam says:

      Temporary Teeth for 50.00 Sounds like a DIY product called “Secure Smile teeth” It is a one size fits all deal & requires a nail file and hot water soak to mold teeth for size & thickness. (Most women need to file teeth to fit) They look ok but are delicate and must be removed to eat. A very cheap and temporary fix.(YouTube has instruction videos)
      I am giving this a try after meeting someone who’s used these teeth for over a year now. I’m considering this & other drastic remedies because I cannot afford implants. Examples.. overseas dentistry to buying dental materials and making the teeth myself. My brother an Artist/Contractor made beautiful false teeth for a dentist for yrs & I once saw a guy on David Letterman who did some research online then placed his own implants successfully! I Often wonder how that worked out long term.. If I had the money I’d gladly spend it for implants but I have no choice but to find a solution that fits my budget.. Sadly in the USA (Cincinnati Ohio)in 2012 an otherwise healthy young man died in agony from a dental infection that spread because he did not have $29.00 to fill his prescriptions for antibiotics. I wish you all good luck in your search for suitable aesthetic solutions. A smile as well as a life are both terrible things to waste. Pam

      • Chris says:

        Pam, thank you for sharing your story. I’m not familiar with Secure Smile but it sounds like it will get the job done for you in the short term. I would encourage you to consider visiting a dental school or dental resident program. You may find that fits your budget for a longer-term solution. I would definitely discourage any DIY experiments on yourself. They may be creative, but they can cause a lot more problems than they solve. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you’ll be able to get a professional solution soon.

  12. Nancy says:

    Hi, I had tooth #5 removed. An implant is cost prohibitive now. Can you recommend a dentist in the Orlando, Fl area that could do a 3 unit snap on bridge? This sounds like a wonderful temporary option. Also, could a Maryland bridge be done for this tooth?

    • Chris says:

      Nancy, I will e-mail you with a recommendation. Snap On Smile might be a good option for you to temporarily replace your missing tooth. There are other options, such as a Maryland bridge, and your dentist will help you see which one is right for you.

      • Nancy says:

        Thanks! I have called my dentist and others and all say the best option is a flipper. I totally disagree as I had one years ago that was uncomfortable and my speech was altered. I did ask about a Maryland bridge and was told that they are very rarely done because they often fail. My teeth are very close together (I had braces), so I am wondering how the snap on bridge would fit between the adjacent teeth. Are the pieces that go between the teeth as small as floss? I look forward to your email with the dentist recommendation. Thank you!

        • Chris says:

          You have a very good concept of how this works! There are “windows” in the Snap On Smile so that there is no material in between the teeth. There is a real passive fit with Snap On. I’ll email the recommendation to you! Best of luck!

  13. jenny says:

    How affordable is the snap on smile ? Are we talking about an individual cost per tooth ?

  14. jenny says:

    do you know of a dentist in the Raleigh n.c. area which will create a way for me to smile again? I have come to not even leaving home because of embarrasing teeth..

    • Chris says:

      Hello Jenny! I will e-mail you the name of a dentist near Raleigh who can help you. Not everyone is a candidate for Snap-On Smile and the cost varies upon the situation. But your dentist will help you look at your options so you can make the best decision together.

      • Judy kamm says:

        I too am looking for a dentist in the Raleigh area who can do snap-on teeth- please forward a name or names to me, please. thank you.

      • Kimberly says:

        Please send me the name(s) of dentists in the Raleigh/Cary, NC who offer Snap On Smile. Thanks!

        • Chris says:

          I will e-mail you!

          • Jennifer says:

            I have missing teeth in the middle both button and top, and some chipped, some with cavities.i know I need to get those filled in but can’t afford to do bridges. Do you think I will be eligible for snap on smile?
            I have done dentures but I stopped wearing them they ended up becoming to tight, and very uncomfortable. I would also like to know the lists of reputable dentist in the Cary Area with payment plans please.

          • Chris says:

            You may be a candidate, but only a dentist can make the call after an exam. Ask your friends and family for a recommendation.

  15. Celeste Santana says:

    Do you know a dentist in Salt Lake who does this. I had a bone graft for a front tooth and am wearing a flipper until they can do an implant but I understand that I will have to continue with it until the implant heals enough to put a tooth. It is making me crazy because I feel like I can’t talk and it frequently gets loose.

    • Chris says:

      Hello Celeste! I will e-mail you with more information.

      • I have bone loss in my front jaw, and recently an X-ray showed an infection present. I was referred to a periodontist who arranged with a new dentist to have an impression made for this visible lower front tooth. I had a bone graft (bovine) inserted and a flipper put into place. It is not comfortable and the edges are causing discomfort to my left gum line. You mentioned their may be more comfortable temporary options? I am a 52 year old public speaker and am very concerned about the next 9 months. The possibility of a snap on smile is appealing but was not given as an option. I am wondering if there is a dentist in Upstate NY who may offer this treatment?

        • Chris says:

          You should defintitely speak with the dentist who made the flipper. Flippers often need adjustments to remove irritations. If you still have trouble with the flipper after a few adjustments, then see what the dentist thinks about alternatives, such as Snap-On or a Maryland Bridge. Good luck!

  16. P says:

    I am getting my #8 tooth extracted in 2 weeks. My dentist wants to use a flipper for 3 months (until my bone graft sets) and then will use a maryland bridge after my implant is in place. I’m interested in the snap on smile. I don’t want to remove my flipper to eat/sleep and I have a high smile. Can you recommend someone in the Rancho Cucamonga, Ca area?

    • Chris says:

      Personally I would be hesitant to use Snap On to replace #8. The cosmetics might actually be better with a flipper! I recommend you speak with your dentist about Snap On Smile as an option. I like that he/she is recommending a Maryland bridge while your implant is healing. That is a great option.

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  18. kathy panayiotou says:

    can this be used for a front tooth?

    • Chris says:

      Yes, it can. The cosmetics are a little tricky depending on which tooth is missing. I would have the Snap On appliance cover multiple teeth so it all looked uniform.

  19. Petra garay says:

    My dentist only recommended a flipper are there any other dentist in New York City that would be amenable to the snack appreciate it thank you

    • Chris says:

      You should talk to your dentist about other options. It’s possible that a flipper is the best option for your particular case. If you’re not happy with the answer, you can always get a second opinion. Let me know if you need advice.

  20. Tony says:

    well i just got back from the dentist today.. I pulled the trigger and had them mold my entire upper arch and if i like ordering the bottom.. Im located in MN and the price range for 1 complete arch is 1000.00-1300.00 here… did my research on dentist and wanted to use someone that has done a few and had suggestions… My dentist does not offer these so i went elsewhere. Anyhow.. Pretty excited to get them back..SO RUSH MY ORDER MAN….LOL

  21. rebecca says:

    I am 6 weeks post #10 removal (due to failed root canal-old, not new) and implant placement. Adjacent teeth have had root canal procedures and crowns. An in office-made temporary cemented(?) in didn’t stay on due to the ceramic crowns and I now have a very uncomfortable flipper. I understand I will wait 6 months for the final tooth replacement. My age is 70 and this cost is $6 to $7000, depending on how I pay. Can I expect to have a more comfortable and functional temporary included in this cost and is there one to be had? I am hesitant to be a consistent complainer, yet feel the cost should provide me with the best results,etc. I am in Sioux falls SD. Thank you.

    • Chris says:

      Thanks for the question, Rebecca. Flippers aren’t fun but sometimes they are the only option we have left. Snap-On Smile might be a solution for you but not everyone is a candidate for it. You should talk to your restorative dentist (general dentist or prosthodontist) about your flipper and see if it can be improved. If not, you can see if you are a candidate for Snap-On Smile to keep you comfortable for the next 6 months.

  22. david says:

    i had an implant on #7 that was removed and grafted. it’ll be close to a year before i can get another implant. i have a flipper as a temporary, but want a more comfortable option that i can eat and talk with more consistently for this coming year. would you recommend snap-on-smile for this situation? if so, do you know of anyone in the san francisco bay area that you would recommend?

    • Chris says:

      Hello David. I will e-mail you with some information.

      • xenia mitchell-dyck says:

        Hello..can you give me some advice, recently my Dentist discussed going the option of a flipper if my Insurance won’t cover saving my front teeth..I’m so scared. Heard and seen bad after math.. Ahhh! and really don’t want to get any where near the having a flipper is there any way to discuss other options?

        • Chris says:

          There are always alternatives. A traditional bridge or implants would be good long-term replacements, depending on your particular situation. Flippers and Snap-Ons are only an short-term fix.

  23. Java says:

    Hi,Chris. I’ve had my front two teeth, and the tooth just to the right of my right front tooth–three in all–missing for about a year due to a broken bridge that broke both my supporting teeth. It use to be a single missing tooth with two teeth shaved down to support the bridge. Due to implants being cost prohibitive, my dentists found a way to use my prior bridge, put posts in the broken teeth on either side of my missing tooth, and simply cement it in. Surprisingly, it’s lasted up to 6-8 months at a time before needing to be recemented. My dentist is trying to work with me, which means finding an affordable option. Could these snap ins work for me, even though they’d be covering three missing teeth? I would like something that will be semi-permanent, meaning, I can take it out when needed, but won’t interfere with eating, talking etc. Is the snap in an option for me?


    • Chris says:

      Hello Java. Yes, this could be an option for you. It depends on several factors including the condition of your surrounding teeth. Snap On could replace three teeth in a row if you have enough other teeth for support. This isn’t ideal treatment, of course, but it might help buy you time while you save up for implants. Best of luck!

  24. Cathy says:

    HELP – I’m 65, my #8 tooth, is finally giving out after a 40yr old root canal, capped with a 15 yr old crown! I have a fistula, I need an implant, I have two choices – an essix or a flipper ~ what’s best in my case? Any other advice would be welcome and appreciated – I’m anxious and overwhelmed – esthetically speaking. Please and thanks, Cathy

    • Chris says:

      Cathy, it’s hard to say what your best option is without seeing you in person and looking at your records. My advice is to discuss a flipper, essix, Snap-On Smile, and similar options with your dentist. A safe bet for me is to recommend Snap-On Smile since it is tooth-supported and won’t risk interfering with your healing implant, which a flipper might do.

  25. Cathy says:

    OK – thanks for your input. It tips the scales against the flipper, and I agree with that ! cathy

  26. judy says:

    Yesterday I learned I need yet another implant, on #10. They suggested having #10 extracted the same day as inserting an implant in #13. (They also want to do #2 implant the same day, but my finances don’t allow for all that expense.)
    The endodontist said he would do an invisalign-like appliance that same day to cover the space left by #10, and that appliance could also replace the flipper my dentist provided for #13. I’m confused about all this temporary stuff in my mouth. I’d like some information on exactly what this invisalign thing is. Is it your snap-on? How comfortable is the snap-on, and could I eat with it in place? Finally, who in the Boston area provides snapons? Thanks much.

    • Chris says:

      Judy, I certainly understand why you feel confused! It sounds like the endodontist is recommending an Essix appliance. My advice is to speak with your general dentist because he/she is the one who has to restore the implants when they are done. Let your dentist know your concerns and see if he/she is comfortable with using Snap-On Smile for your case.

  27. Christy says:

    I have one tooth needing to be replaced. Do you happen to know of a dentist near Mississippi that offers this? Also, thank you for your posts they are very helpful!

  28. annon says:

    I thought about getting the snap on smile as my teeth aren’t completely center. Will they be able to make some that look center in my mouth? Or will my snap on smile be a little off center too?

    • Chris says:

      That really depends on your situation. It is difficult to make major changes to your alignment with Snap-On Smile but small changes are possible.

  29. Jessica says:

    Can you recommend anyone in the San Diego, CA. area who does the snap-on smile? My dentist is planning to do a flipper. I will be getting my #14 tooth removed very soon. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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  31. Tati says:

    Is there anyone in pensacola fl who do them

  32. Kae says:

    Can you recommend a dentist in Birmingham, Alabama who can help me. I am going to have an implant replacement for my “eye tooth ” which was extracted almost two months ago. A bone graft was done and when all is healed I will get the implant. In the meantime I have the Invisalign type appliance which looks horrible, doesn’t fit we’ll and really interferes with my ability to speak normally. I would like to try the Snap It appliance. Surely it would be better. Or at the very least, get another Invisalign appliance made that actually fits over my teeth and stays there when I talk. Thank you for any help you can give.

  33. Sonia says:

    Can you recommend someone in San Francisco who does the Snap-On-Smile? My dentist says his lab will no longer make them because of breakage issues. I KNOW that I will not be able to handle a flipper or Essex. I will be getting my #5 tooth removed on the 11th this month and there will be a graft, not an immediate implant, so I will be using it for a long time. I work from home half of the time time, but periodically I have to talk in public and cannot afford any speech problems.

    Many thanks in advance for your help.

    • Chris says:

      It is really important for your dentist to be comfortable with the provisional restoration he uses. If he believes that Snap-On Smile isn’t right for your case or if he finds that he has breakage issues then I would trust him. There are other options than Snap-On, flippers, and Essix retainers. For example, you may be a candidate for a provisional Maryland bridge. You and your dentist should discuss your concerns and explore alternatives together. I have more details about flipper alternatives here.

      • Sonia says:

        Dear Chris, Thank you for the prompt response. My dentist and I are discussing all options. We discussed Maryland provisional bridge but it may not be an option because the neighboring teeth have mobility issue and one of them has a an old crown and some other issues, it may go out with a bridge, crown and all! My dentist does not object a Snap-On-Smile but we could use a referral to a lab in San Francisco that would do a good job to manufacture it (or alternatively, a dentist that works with such lab). I am horrified of the whole thing and Snap-On-Smile seems the best option that could work for me.

        • Chris says:

          I’m glad you guys are looking at all the options. Just let him know what your concerns are and you’ll find the best option for your case.

  34. Vita says:

    Im looking for a dentist in the Auburn/Opelika area or montgomery, I was a thumb sucker as a child and I have the four teeth on top directly in the front that need to come out, however I will need 5 teeth or partial to replace them because of the amount of gapping that was caused by the thumb sucking. Do you have any recommendations that might be of help for me to get started with this process??

  35. Doris says:

    Hello Doctor Chris

    I am glad fro this article. I had an implant and I am wearing a flipper which is very unconfortable. My doctor was not really honest about the legth of time regarding healing. He did not offer any other alternative other than the flipper. I didnt know there were other alternatives. I will never consider this dentist again for the next implant. Do you recommend a good dentist for implants in Queens, NY?

  36. angel says:

    I have a crown on #5 and #7. However they need replaced they r telling me a flipper.I want something natural looking and feeling,comfortable and affordable.would snap on work for me? And what would be the average cost

    • Chris says:

      You may be a candidate for Snap-On Smile. A flipper and Snap-On Smile are both temporary replacements for teeth so it’s important to have an idea of waht you and your dentist are planning for the long-term (e.g. an implant). The cost of Snap-On will vary but you should expect it to be hundreds, not thousands.

  37. Cathy says:

    Can you tell me of someone in the Houston or Katy area who makes the Snap on Smile? Someone who does implants, also? Thank you.

  38. Robin says:

    I got both upper and lower “Snap On Smile” dentures in 2009. I only wear them when I’m working or going out in public. I’m trying to make them last as long as possible.

    I leave them in water whenever I’m not wearing them and use a daily cleaning tablet like Polident. They still are accumulating some tartar build up and light staining. I only brush the insides because I don’t want to ruin their finish.

    Can I use a bleach and water solution to clean them? What do you suggest?

    Any information you can provide would be helpful.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Chris says:

      Robin, your Snap-On Smiles are approaching 4 years of age, which is longer than I would personally recommend for use. I would recommend having your dentist clean them using special chemicals and instruments in his/her office. I don’t think that bleach would be effective in removing the debris that has accumulated and I do not recommend you try it.

  39. Michelle says:

    I am having to have #19 extracted because of a bad root canal and bad advise! I’ve become very distrustful of dentistry, unfortunately because of it. I’m 40 and have relatively good teeth. That was my first and only root canal. I don’t like the idea of grinding down the adjacent teeth for a bridge and have had a friend have his jaw cracked from an implant. Neither of those ideas are appealing to me. After spending a huge amount on the couple hour root canal, I cannot afford another $3000-$3500 for a bridge or implant. What alternative is there?

    • Chris says:

      Michelle, I’m sorry to hear you’ve had some challenges with your past dentistry. The only long-term options to replace a missing tooth are a bridge or an implant. You could had a removable partial denture but the cons outweigh the pros if it is only replacing one tooth.
      Without seeing your x-rays or performing an exam, all I can say is what I would do in my own mouth. Personally I would also not want to alter my adjacent teeth to fit a bridge. I would want an implant. It’s unfortunate that your friend had a cracked jaw due to an implant but I can tell you that this is extremely rare. Yes, the procedure may be a financial barrier for some patients, but it’s money well spent. Think of it as an investment in your well-being.

  40. June says:

    Interesting. I live in the Tampa area. Can you give me the name of a dentist here that does the snap on smile? Thank you.

  41. Reba Shepard says:

    I’ve had a flipper on my front left tooth for 12 years. I fell and broke my front 4 teeth. The left front came out when I fell. It was put back in, but my body desolved it. (that’s what my dentist said). Anyway, I’m so tired of this flipper. What are my options? And I live in Hampton Roads Virginia, can you refer someone. I don’t have insurance, either.
    Thank you so very much
    (please send response to my email as well)(I’ll probably never find this page again) 😀

  42. Joe D. says:

    Chris–I could really use your help. I am in the process of getting an implant done for my left front tooth. I will need a bone graft, and it looks like I will have to wait about a year before the process is complete. I am very concerned about a temporary replacement, as I do quite a bit of public speaking and my work requires going out to meals with colleagues. I am looking into a Snap-On-Smile as a temporary replacement. The technicians at DenMat have not been helpful. One told my dentist that I could get a Snap-On that would cover 5 teeth, while another tech said I had to get one that covered all my upper teeth. Finally, another DenMat tech said a Snap-On was simply the wrong choice for this kind of treatment. This is all very frustrating and creating a lot of anxiety. This will effect the way I eat, sleep, and work for the next year. Do you know if a partial or full upper is the best choice? Price is not as much of a factor as comfort. I want it to be secure and comfortable. Are there better choices for the front tooth? Thanks so much for your time and direction.

    • Chris says:

      Joe, I would leave the decision to your dentist, not the DenMat technician. I’ll try to give you some advice but it’s difficult without having you here in person, x-rays, etc. Basically the Snap On Smile only requires a minimum of two teeth (one on either side of the space) to stay in. Since this is a front tooth, you may want to consider covering the front 4 or 6 teeth (including the space) for the sake of more balanced cosmetics. I do not think you need to cover all of your teeth in the arch. Best of luck!

  43. Erica says:

    I am paying on.a flipper but alot of people say it hurts. I looked up alternates and ran.across your site. I have medicaid witch pays for nothing so everything i.need done comes out of pocket. Can you please refer me to a person here in Dallas Texas who does the snap on.thanks

  44. chrissy P says:

    Hi chris..I pray u can give me some insight on my current situation i have broken my cupsid(eyetooth)to the gumline..also a 2nd bicupsid upper molar that may have to come sure implant for eyetooth is very $$ the dentist didnt make any suggestions seem to be rushing to next patient..he mentioned me gettin fliiper to replace molar N wondering if snap on smile would work on canine tooth..considering i have a big smile N that tooth missing is causing me great distress I’ve never came for advice on the internet..but since many dentist dont make time to go over alternative options during your visit because there rushing to next patient!! Also i wont have insurance till im paying out of pocket N i cant go the summer like this..i have been staying at home N skippin out on family functions very depressed!! also my adjancent teeth to canine seems to be in decent shape so bridge i feel will not be good..what do you think or recommend i do?? Do you know of any good dentist in ohio also..there hard to find??

  45. Ammy says:

    Hello! Iwas ready to use a do-it-yourself-online option for my flipper (#8,9) but went to a local dentist instead. It hurts and for the reasons you mention in your article, I really want to try the “Snap-on” option. Is there anyway I can do this by myself? (I work with animal medicine and have done far more complicated procedures that this on my own for decades!) You mentioned a prescription…if I can’t get this to do by myself, can you refer me to anyone in my area (will email that privately) but I am almost out of money after the flipper…Thank you.

    • Chris says:

      Ammy, I definitely do not recommend that patients do their own dentistry. I understand that you have experience with complicated procedures, but providing your own health care is always a bad idea. I don’t do dentistry on myself! A great way to find a dentist is on

      • jay says:

        I Had a root canal and core and post done a year ago was waiting to get some extra cash to pay for the crown it was done on my left front tooth the tooth has turned a little grey. Today I went to the dentist for the tooth left of the tooth I got the root canal on. It started to decay at the top. My dentist took x rays and said she can’t save the tooth and because I waited to long for the crown that it was no longer that a crown was a option. So they both need to come out I argued that no one told me there was a deadline on how long I had to get the crown. I said if there was a deadline that I was aware of I would of Def got the money for the crown. So they took a mold of my teeth and said I was being fitted for a flipper without top palet. I’m reading and everything I read says it’s for short term. I have real good dental insurance why would she choose the flipper instead of another more long term plate. Can u please email me with some advice I’m still in shock of all this. I’m in Boston Massachusetts would I be a candidate for this device and I know prices vary but what is the ball park amount for front top left and the tooth beside it on the left. If you could give me any good dentist in my area I would appreciate it thank you

        • Chris says:

          Sorry to hear about your troubles. I can’t offer advice without seeing you in person, of course, so I suggest finding a dentist recommended by a friend or family member and have an examination!

  46. Shay says:

    Going out on a limb here,So please forgive me :) Is there any pro bono availability to receive a snap on smile? In the Orlando area.

    • Chris says:

      There are some dentists who volunteer their services through an official program or unofficially through the kindness of their own hearts. I recommend checking with the local dental society in Orlando to see if you would qualify for any programs.

  47. Renee says:

    Chris, I recently had a capped tooth break while eating on Tuesday this week. This cap has been in for over 12 years. I went to see a dentist and after looking over my x-rays, we discussed how much work I needed, cleaning, scaling etc. When he ask what brought me in, I told him about the broken cap. the first and onlyoption he offered was the flipper. I have scheduled the tooth removeable for 4/17/3. I will be canceling, optin for other options regarding implants. Chris, I live in Dallas Tx. would you ples mke me a recommendation for a dentist. Thanks

    • Chris says:

      Renee, sorry to hear you’re having a few dental problems. Please keep in mind that Snap-On Smile and other alternatives I discuss are only meant to be temporary replacements for a missing tooth. I highly recommend you consider long-term solutions such as a bridge or implants as you make your decision. Your decision for a long-term solution usually affects which temporary solution we recommend. I don’t know any dentists in the Dallas area, but I suggest the Find-A-Dentist feature on

  48. tg says:

    I have periodontal gum disease and my front teeth have started moving. Unfortunately because I had a terrible experience with a dentist when I was getting my wisdom teeth removed I have a severe dentistry fear. I have been to the dentist and a periodontist but as soon as they tell me something bad I have a hard time walking back in the door. I don’t want to have them pull out the front 4 teeth from the top and bottom but that is what they want to do as well as some major gum root planing. I am still pretty young so to have a flipper freaks me out. Would this work for me if they have to pull these teeth out? Implants for 8 teeth isn’t in my budget right now. Any info you can send me would be appreciated. I am in the Portland Oregon area. Thank you.

    • Chris says:

      Snap-On Smile could be a good temporary option for you. The first step is to discuss your concerns with your general dentist and periodontist. Let them know that you are interested in alternatives to a flipper. Depending on your situation, you might be a candidate for something else. But remember that these options, including Snap-On, are meant to be temporary. You will still need to explore a more long-term solution (implants, etc.)

  49. Robin says:

    how do I get one of these ? instead of an implant and how much would one cost for one tooth missing on upper front ?

    • Chris says:

      The cost is typically a few hundred dollars. But remember that this is only a temporary solution. An implant may be more expensive but it is far superior as a long-term solution.

  50. Jane says:

    Hi, I have a few questions. My situation is this: a few years back, I was unable to get health insurance as a minor, and needed a root canal for #10. The infection became really horrible, spread to #9 in the interim before I could get it treated. A root canal was done for both teeth, but the treatment was unsuccessful. I got an apico done on both, and a few months after everything was cleared up, got both crowned. #9 is stabile, but #10 feels loose (feels funny when I eat or drink, like it could fall out at any time).

    I had to extract #19 and so my mouth is still swollen, but I think there is something very wrong with #10 but the endo said that there was no infection present. I also have trigeminal neuralgia from dental trauma caused by a former dentist so I have a great number of problems, which makes it triply hard to narrow it down to the main cause of tings. Is it possible that the root fractured? I had a lot of pain localized to #10, but realistically since the nerve is no longer present, I can’t feel pain in that tooth, right? #11 feels funny, but I can’t tell if it’s just associated to whatever problems are wrong with #10. The area above the gum incision for #10 is also very dark — I’m not sure if this has to do with the apex being removed or some sort of bone loss. In the event that I do need to extract #10, would a flipper be something worth considering for an area as sensitive as mine?

    • Chris says:

      Hello Jane. I would recommend that you speak with a dentist about # 10. Although the root canal and apicoectomy may look fine, there is probably something else going on to make the crown loose. It may just need to be recemented but it could also be a fracture as you stated. If you need to have the tooth extracted, your dentist will discuss your options for replacing the tooth both temporarily and permanently. Every case is different and your options will depend on your specific situation. Best of luck!

  51. Jody Jones says:

    Flippers yuck. Snap on smile works for me but they don’t even last one year and I need a replacement. Good thing for the extended warrenty. Just received a replacement today and it doesn’t snap on the left side and falls out when eating. Even when talking it moves. My dentist wasn’t too concerned, but this one doesn’t fit like the previous two. He even suggested denture cream, but I don’t see that working. It hangs down in my mouth on the left side. What can I say to him to get him to help me?

    • Chris says:

      Jody, thanks for sharing your story. The fit of removable appliances (flippers or Snap Ons) depend on the number, shape, and location of the remaining teeth. I agree with you that they can be difficult and uncomfortable, especially flippers! Personally, I only use them as temporary restorations until something more permanent can be done, such as implants. I haven’t had to use a Snap On for more than a year for that reason. Your dentist might be able to adjust your new Snap On by adding or subtracting material for a better fit. Or perhaps it may be time to look into your options for something more permanent. Best of luck!

  52. CJ says:

    I’m SO glad I found this site! It has been extremely informative so far but I do have a couple of questions. I did not have any permanent teeth when my baby teeth fell out (#24 and #25 on my front bottom) so have had to have a bridge all of my life connected to #23 and #26. I am now 67 years old and am having implants put in on #23 and #26. They were just extracted and bone grafts done in order to place implants. I understand this to be almost a years process so had a snap-on-smile made which covers ALL of my bottom teeth. It looks great, but I’m having a problem with fit as to chewing. My dentist has tried to adjust five times already – I can’t even imagine this for a year! I noticed in one of your pictures that the tops of the snap ons were cut out and think chewing would be much easier that way. I asked my dentist about this before I saw the pictures on your site but he didn’t think this would work. Is this a viable option I can take back to him? Would there be a reason not to cut off the tops? Thank you, CJ

    • Chris says:

      Hello CJ. The tops of the teeth (occlusal surfaces) should not be covered with material in a Snap-On Smile case unless the dentist is trying to increase the height of your bite (vertical dimension). You are correct that that may be the source of the problem. I routinely have Snap On Smile create holes in the tops of the teeth for this very reason. The good news is that this may be able to be adjusted by the dentist.

  53. Erika says:

    I can not afford a root canel and crown for second to last tooth on bottem. I am going to have it pulled and would like to get this snap on. Can you tell me who on cape cod mass can do this.

    • Chris says:

      I recommend that you visit and use the Find-A-Dentist feature. You can get a list of dentists in your area and call to see who can work with you. You may or may not be a candidate for Snap On Smile, so your dentist can review other options.

  54. EV Haley says:

    I am going to have an implant done soon (within the next 2 weeks)on a front tooth, and I remember the dentist and oral surgeon talking about a flipper to be used during the healing process. Can any dentist order a snap-on-smile? If it takes 2 weeks after ordering, should I have it made right away so it will be ready in time? Do you know a dentist in Raleigh, NC who uses the snap-on-smile? I have not been going to this one long, and would easily consider changing for this.

    • Chris says:

      Not everyone is a candidate for Snap On. Your dentist may think that there may be functional or cosmetic problems with Snap On or other provisional alternatives. You should definitely have a conversation with your dentist about your options!

  55. Holly says:

    Hi, I am genetically missing tooth #7 and for a few years until I can get an implant, I will have an unsightly hole in my smile. Do you know of any dentists in the Bergen County area of New Jersey that could help me determine if the snap on smile will work for me?

    • Chris says:

      Snap On might not be the best option for you for a front tooth. I prefer the cosmetics of a Maryland bridge in these cases. I recommend that you speak with your friends and family members to find a reputable dentist. You can also go to and use the Find-A-Dentist feature.

  56. Sue says:

    My daughter had implants on her laterals 10 years ago and they have to be redone. She doesn’t want a flipper again. Could you recommend someone in the boston area that does the snap on smile? This seems like a great alternative while she is redoing the implant process

    • Chris says:

      Sue, sorry to hear that your daughter is having some dental issues. Snap-On works well in many cases, but personally I would probably not use it for your case. Since the teeth in question are in the front and very visible, I usually use Maryland bridges as my temporary solution. They look much better than a Snap On, in my humble opinion.

  57. Faye says:

    I need to have dental implants for number 7 and 8. I am very worried about the temporary replacement. My dentist is not fond of a flipper and neither am I. How would a snap on look ? Can a Maryland bridge support 2 teeth? I live in central Virginia.

  58. Rod says:

    Hi, Chris. I’m a patient looking for a good provisional for my implant situation. I recently had block grafts in #7 and #10 and want to rebuild the natural soft tissue framing/papillae in both areas.

    The perio recommended two Maryland bridges (MB) as provisionals. At first I liked the idea – I really dislike my existing flipper but was prepared to live with it. I had a MB in #7 site and it remained intact for 20 years – so I don’t like the idea of this fixed appliance having to be removed/recemented who knows how many times over the next 6 months! The Snap-On Smile seems like a viable provisional in my case. Can you recommend someone in the San Diego area?

    • Chris says:

      In your case I would probably recommend the Maryland bridge as well! They stay in and look great. Yes, the dentist will have to remove them every few months, but they’ll plan for that. Snap On doesn’t look as great in the front, in my opinion.

  59. Tia Palmer says:

    Came across this post late one night not being able to sleep. My 8 year old daughter was in a trampoline accident and knocked out her front tooth and the one next to it. We reimplanted the front tooth but unfortunately it looks like it is failing and will need to be extracted. I know she is not a candidate for implants until close to 18. Of courses her dentist is going straight to a flipper and I just can’t imagine having her wear a flipper for the next 10 years – losing it and everything else that comes with a removable appliance! Anyway is this something that would work for her? I just wanted to ask before I take this possibility to our dentist. Thanks so much! Tia

    • Chris says:

      Tia, I’m sorry to hear about your daughter’s accident. I prefer using Maryland bridges for kids and teenagers who are missing teeth. It’s bonded in place so you won’t have to worry about it getting lost. Snap On is better than a flipper in a lot of ways, but it is still a removable appliance. I only like using it for the short term (less than a year). Best of luck!

  60. phyllis desmo says:

    teeth # 11 and 12 broke off at gum line. Went to my dentist who had initially filled them. I asked if I was a good candidate for a snap it as I wanted something that was cosmetically pleasing and less expensive than another fixed bridge.He said I was -did impressions and sent to surgeon for removal of the teeth. After the dentist pulled those teeth he told me to be very careful as tooth #10 was very loose and wanted to come out when he pulled #11. So my question is will I still be able to wear the snap it,if that tooth does’t tighten back up?

    • Chris says:

      Hi, Phyllis. You may still be able to wear the Snap-On, but please check in with your dentist to make sure that it fits you correctly and that it isn’t damaging the loose tooth. It is possible for the Snap-On to place harmful forces on the loose tooth. Your dentist may choose to loosed the inside of the Snap-On in that area so that the loose tooth has a chance to tighten up.

      • phyllis desmo says:

        Got a call last week that my case was ready.Was so excited until my dentist presented me with what he call a provisional snap it to see how I’d adjust. It was horribly thick and bulky and gagged me. Didn’t fit well at all. My top lip kept getting caught on it. It was awful! He tried making adjustments but nothing worked.Tooth # 10 is tightening nicely, no problem there. I was under the impression that the snap it was ready to wear when dentist received it , I read nothing about a provisional trial piece. What’s you’re ideas about this?

        • Chris says:

          One of the advantages of Snap-On Smile is that it does not require any drilling of the teeth. The appliance fits on top of the teeth as they are, so it will add thickness to them. Unfortunately, some patients find this rather uncomfortable. In addition, all laboratory work may require adjustments when it is tried in the mouth. It sounds like your dentist wasn’t happy with how the prosthesis was fitting so he’s making a new one. That’s great! It sounds like he is doing everything correctly.

  61. Patricia May says:

    I am set next week to have a front tooth removed and replaced with a flipper. Do you know of a dentist in my area that does the snap on? I live in Mentor Ohio, near Cleveland. Thanks.

  62. Joy says:

    Dr. Chris,

    Your website has been unbelievably informative. I know your website is directed at dentists, but so much appreciate hearing all the downsides to dentures that most dental sites will never tell you.

    Long story, but I had a full mouth reconstruction in 2001 that was done on a budget and crowns started immediately cracking and breaking. I had to redo every crown, but after spending $30,000, I ran out of money before completion, which resulted in me losing all my bottom back teeth and 3 top back teeth.

    My upper teeth #3/4/5 are missing. Tooth #2 is intact & tooth #6 is part of a bridge. I was researching getting a flapper while I saved up money to get an implant to replace tooth #5. (I would then get a bridge using #2 & #5 Implant as supporting teeth).

    Do you think snap-on smile would work? If so, can you recommend Las Vegas dentist that does snap-on? Many thanks!

    • Chris says:

      Joy, I’m sorry to hear that your oral health is suffering at the moment. Of course, it is impossible for me to give you an accurate diagnosis over the internet, but I do have some thoughts. (1) I do not recommend connecting an implant to a natural tooth. The bridge from #2 (tooth) to #5 (implant) could hurt the implant and the tooth. A better long-term plan might be to have implants at sites # 3 and 5 and then make a bridge between those two implants, replacing the three missing teeth. (2) While you are waiting for the implants, you may be a candidate for a flipper or Snap-On Smile to replace the missing teeth. Which option is better for you really depends on your particular circumstances. (3) I know a terrific dentist in Las Vegas and will e-mail you the information.

      • Joy says:

        The dental plan I outlined was not a recommendation from a dentist, it was just a plan I came up with :) Disappointed to hear that it won’t work, as your recommendation is much more pricey, and I have soooo much additional work to pay for too. Thanks so much for the referral. I have heard of the dentist you recommended, and will definitely be giving him a call next week.

        • Joy says:

          This is off the subject of snap-ons, but I want to share it with you because it’s so horrifying. My bottom front eight teeth have connecting crowns on them. My gums started feeling strange. I went to the dentist and she gave me antibiotics. My gums started bleeding when I brushed my teeth, then I was in a lot of pain. I was taking a shower and aimed the handheld shower head at my mouth. The bottom crowns popped off like something you would see in a cartoon. I took the loose crowns off and was shocked by what I saw. My four front teeth are broken off at the gum. The teeth that broke off are still cemented into the crowns. So my bottom teeth are definitely a bigger problem than the top teeth.

          So upsetting that I spent $30,000 getting a reconstruction and everything is falling apart. But that’s a subject for Dear Abbey, not you. And, since this is definitely a serious problem that requires an actual visit to the dentist in order to get a recommendation. I will go see the dentist you recommended next week.

          Thanks for your input!

  63. Rachel Warnick says:

    Hello! I had 2 teeth extracted on October 2nd. One is my front tooth, and the other on is 3 away from it going toward the back. These teeth had root canals years ago that had failed and there was infection inside that ate away at the bone. So they were extracted and had infuse, bone grafting done by the periodontist. Implants to follow. My dentist ordered me a flipper tooth, and could not get it to fit. He then took new molds and ordered a 2nd one and it won’t sit right either. It is supposed to “snap” into place but when one side of it snaps in, the other side snaps out. It is horrendous and rubs on my extraction area! I could just cry. I have been without teeth for 2 weeks now. I am 39 years old and have two children and going places without teeth is not appealing to me. I also had my dentist make an essix with teeth in it. He’s never ordered one of those before, and didn’t know about them. The lab that he uses that made it, made it really thick, and it looks cloudy. It was horrendous also. The girls at the periodontist office said they never saw an essix like that. Usually they are thinner. The periodontist told me to wait 10 more days and see him again and to let the swelling go down more. He doesn’t want any new molds being made or anything to bother the grafting. I’m wondering if this “snap on tooth” thing would be a good fit for me. I have to have something. I cannot go 8 months while I am waiting for the grafting/implant without teeth. My dentist doesn’t seem to know about all of these options. Can you recommend anyone in my area that could help me get something in there to look like I have a front tooth but not disturb my grafting? I live in Clinton, PA. Just outside of Pittsburgh. Thank you!!

    • Rachel Warnick says:

      The teeth are #9 and #12 I think…

    • Chris says:

      Sorry to hear about your dental troubles, Rachel. It sounds like the Essix appliance was not made out of the correct material. You could certainly have the lab make another one using the correct tray material. It should be clear and hard, not cloudy and spongy. Alternatively, you could have a flipper re-made after you heal a bit more. Sometimes a flipper may need a few adjustments to fit properly. It’s a little odd that the lab made two of them and neither fit. Snap-On is a possibility, but it is technique-sensitive in a case like yours. I recommend that you speak with your dentist and periodontist about having a new flipper or Essix made. Either of those solutions should work for you!

  64. Bridget Gipson says:

    Hi, can you recommend someone to perform Snap on Smile on tooth 4 and 13 in Pensacola, FL?

    How much would this cost approximately?

    Please email the details

    Thank you

    • Chris says:

      Bridget, I don’t know anyone in Pensacola, but you can use the Find-A-Dentist Feature on Good luck!

  65. melinda buckley says:

    Hi, I have a question about the snap on smile. I am getting 3 implants and just got an impression made of my teeth for a flipper. My extractions will be both upper molars (right and left) and on the left side the tooth behind the molar. Which means on that side there is no back tooth to support the snap on. I’m in a biz where I need to speak in front of people all the time and my situation is that I need to have some bone grafting done prior to the implant being placed. This whole process could take 6-9 mos. Any hope for snap on smile in this scenario?

    • Chris says:

      It is possible that you are a candidate, but impossible for me to say without examining you, of course. Speak with your dentist about your options and see what you both think.

  66. Lawanda Lucas says:

    Hi I’m in greensboro .nc can you please tell me where the snap on service is available in my area

  67. joanne says:

    would you email me dentists who could get this for me in the rockland county ny area?
    thank you,

  68. Louie says:

    Hi Dr Salierno,

    I have 4 molars missing in the right upper quadrant between the canine and wisdom tooth .

    Is it feasible to attach a removable 3 unit partial arch cantilever snap on smile to my lateral incisor and canine tooth and the third unit the Pontic tooth replaces my first pre molar ?

    Or a 6 unit partial arch snap on smile attached to my and upper wisdom and canine tooth. My wisdom and canine tooth are in good condition.

    Your answer would be very helpful.

    Thank you


  69. Louie says:

    Hi Dr Salierno,

    I have 4 molars missing in the right upper quadrant between the canine and wisdom tooth .

    Is it feasible to attach a removable 3 unit partial arch cantilever snap on smile to my lateral incisor and canine tooth and the third unit the Pontic tooth replaces my first pre molar ?

    Or a 6 unit partial arch snap on smile attached to my upper wisdom and canine tooth. My wisdom and canine tooth are in good condition.

    Your answer would be very helpful.

    Thank you


    • Chris says:

      I can’t be certain without examining you, of course. But it sounds like you would need more teeth to be covered by the Snap On in order to be stable. Just covering the canine and the wisdom tooth would not be enough.

  70. My 13 year old is missing her maxillary lateral incisors . She is ready to have her braces removed and to be fitted for a retainer till she is old enough for implants. I am wondering if this may be an alternative so she does not have to remove her retainer every time she wants to eat, which is embarrassing for a girl. Do you know of a dentist in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area that does this?

    • Chris says:

      The alternative I prefer in cases like your daughter is a Maryland Bridge. It’s only removable by a dentist and it’s minimally invasive, meaning it doesn’t permanently alter the adjacent teeth. Check out for a list of dentists in your area.

  71. Jo says:

    Dear Chris

    I am emailing from the UK. I am very interested in the snap-on smile as I believe it would be ideal in my situation as I am going to have a single implant (second premolar – upper) and my dentist was planning on the dreaded flipper which is not an option for me. I have been reading your webpage with great interest and have a couple of questions. Firstly, one of the supporting teeth is a crown, can the snap-on still be used (reluctant to have the crown removed as the pending implant is due to a crown being removed with great force and the tooth broke – hence I’m in this situation)? Secondly, how much of the supporting membrane on adjacent teeth shows? I couldn’t see anything clearly on the picture. Lastly, is there a lab in London that my dentist can get the snap-on made up? I would really appreciate any advice you can give me.

    Kind regards


    • Chris says:

      Hello Jo. Yes, you can fit a Snap On Smile over a crown; no problem at all. Depending on the design, these can look pretty good, especially in the premolar area. I’m not sure of a lab in the UK that makes them, unfortunately. However your dentist may be able to use the main one here in the US. The dentist can check with the Snap-On company.

  72. Christina says:

    Dentist fitted me with a flipper a few days ago – it looks good, but I can hardly speak. My mouth is small, and with the part that sits on the roof of my mouth being 1/4″ thick, my tongue has nowhere to go. I have been wearing it for several days, reading out loud to myself, but still can’t say T or TH properly, and S comes out like SH or a whistling sound. Should it be that thick? My son’s retainer was very thin.

    • Chris says:

      Unfortunately they do have to be thick, otherwise they would break. Retainers are designed to be worn during sleep, so they can be a little thinner. Flippers have to withstand chewing. It is not uncommon to need a few days or even a couple of weeks to adapt to the flipper. Speech, eating, and other activities are going to be uncomfortable during the transition time.

  73. anna says:

    Hello Chris,

    Can snap on could be used for for one front upper tooth with generlized periodontitis.
    Kind Regards.

    • Chris says:

      It can, but it must be done the under close supervision of a dentist. The gum disease must be under control first and foremost. Even after that, if the teeth are too loose the dentist may look for another option.

  74. Mzar says:

    I am on Medicaid (DSHS) and have a Care card as well. I am wanting to find a replacement for #5. My dentist is recommending a flipper for a very low fee ($250 on the Care card) for the single tooth temp replacement. Incredibly, DSHS will cover the costs for a partial/bridge for multiple teeth but not for a single tooth. I have teased my dentist that I am going to knock out the adjacent tooth :)

    After doing research, and knowing I have sensitive gums, I am coming to the conclusion that a flipper will simply not work for me. I am very interested in a SnapIt temp replacement but am having trouble finding a dentist in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Any help in that direction would be greatly appreciated.


    • Chris says:

      You should speak with your current dentist about trying Snap On Smile. He/she may be interested in learning more about it if they currently don’t offer this service. You should also explain that you think you would be unhappy with a flipper and let them know that you’re looking around for alternatives. Hopefully your dentist will give it a try.

  75. MT says:

    Just discovered this site in search of alternatives to”flippers”or “dippers” and other temporary solutions to two missing teeth, one upper and one lower right in front. There are other dental issues, but I am looking for a temporary, albeit immediate cost effective solution. Looking for a dentist in Chicago. Can you help?

    • Chris says:

      There are many talented dentists in the Chicago area. I recommend looking at to see a list of ADA dentists in your zip code.

  76. Angel says:

    Can you give me the names of any dentists in the North Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC area that offers this partial snap on smile?

  77. Morgan says:

    I am 67 years old. Two months ago I had #24 extracted due to an abscess and bone loss from a failed root canal done 4 years ago. I had a bone graft. The oral surgeon wants to place an implant at 3 months post-extraction. Talking with my general dentist we think waiting 6 months is okay. How about 8 months? Would you agree, considering my age? Also, she gave me a flipper that I only wear when I’m in public, and that is hard to do. I am depressed and anxious and have turned into a recluse. It is awful and does not fit. My dentist attempted to alter it, but that did not help. I have trouble speaking, and even taking a sip of water causes it to “flip” out (I don’t even THINK about eating with it in!). My dentist does not like the Maryland option and she did not talk about the Snap-On, so I don’t think she offers them. If I got a Snap-on-Smile and have it made to fit 4 or 6 of my middle lower front teeth, is that a viable temporary option? I know it’s not the first choice for aesthetic placement, but I simply cannot deal with the flipper. Thank you for any input.

    • Chris says:

      Morgan, I always leave the decision on when to place an implant up to the surgeon. Waiting 3 months isn’t too unusual and it would get you closer to getting your final restoration. I’m sorry to hear that the flipper is so unpleasant for you. Snap-On could be a possibility. Hopefully your dentist is open to it!

  78. Nancy says:

    My 10 yo needs his front top tooth removed. Would the
    Snap-on work for him? Nobody has mentioned that,
    only the flipper has been suggested.

    • Chris says:

      I suspect that a Maryland Bridge might be a better option for him at this age. When he’s old enough he can get an implant.

  79. Nancy says:

    I forgot to ask if there is a dentist in Austin, TX you recommend.

  80. tracy says:

    My son is 15yrs old and we were just told by our dentist that his two canine teeth are baby teeth with no permanent teeth behind them. One of these are loose now and dentist is recommending extracting tooth and using a flipper..he didnt provide any alternatives or even explain the flipper…my son of course does not want a gaping hole but the more I read about flippers the less I want this option…any suggestions?

    • Chris says:

      I don’t know the specifics of the case, but it sounds like a flipper would not be a great option for him. I would use a Maryland Bridge for the next few years until he is ready for an implant.

  81. Patricia says:


    Thanks for this article. A few years ago, I discovered I had sensitivity when I was pouring cold water in my mouth. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember to bring this up to a new dentist the next time I went (as it ended as soon as I stopped pouring the water). Either way, I don’t think it’s my job to show the dentist where the cavities are. She only filled in the cavities that were “obvious” – my bottom molars. Two years ago, the tooth started turning gray, and that’s when I knew something was wrong. I flew home from college immediately, and her assistant said I had to have it pulled. I went back to college, after her assistant said I could wait until graduation (7 months later) to get it pulled. I didn’t find out until later that This was dangerous. When I came home for winter break, I got a second opinion from an endotonist (sp?), and he said I could get a root canal. I went back to college, deciding ai would wait until June, when my face swelled up. So I flew back home, and I went back to the same dentist, and relayed the information. She tried a root canal, but I recently learned from the very same endotonist that it failed, and instead of getting a new one, and a new crown, I think it is best to have an extraction now.

    It is tooth #4, and I think a Maryland bonded bridge, or a encore bridge (preferable) would work. Do you know of anyone who performs this in DC/Maryland/Virginia? I would be fine with eating on one side of my mouth, and only soft foods (as I did for six months when the tooth was brittle and no crown was placed). I’ve tried looking on google, but to no avail (the fact the bridge is named “Maryland” doesn’t help haha). I’d be willing to travel up/down the east coast for this procedure. Later on, I’ll get an implant.

    If not, do you know of anyone who does the snap on smile well? As you can see, I have a fear of dentists (which is not unfounded) and only want the best, no matter the cost. I’ll get a second job if I have to raise the money.


    • Chris says:

      Sorry to hear about your dental troubles. I recommend looking on under the Find a Dentist feature. You’ll get a list of ADA dentists in that area to call and see if they offer those options. Good luck!

  82. Kathy Snow says:

    Are you aware of a dentist in the Portland Oregon area that you would recommend?

  83. Mary says:

    Would a snap on smile work for someone with multiple teeth missing? 4 front missing 1 molar on the left and two on the right.
    I have a flipper that keeps breaking with the 1 molar…. This is the second time it broke… I have never had a tooth broke from the flipper this fast… It has not even been a year. I don’t know if the quality has gone down or what…but they usually last 4 to 5 years before they start to break.
    Ijust had a new one made and that tooth has already fallen out from chewing on food… What are my options? Implants would be too expensive as I have too many missing teeth. 6 total. Thank you for any help

    • Chris says:

      It’s hard to say without examining you, but it sounds like we might be pushing the limits of a Snap On for a case like yours. It depends on the amount of space you have.

  84. Louie says:


    I have 4 upper missing molars on the right side. Is it possible to construct a 3 unit snap cantilever snap on smile.?

    2 units snap on my lateral incisor and canine and the third unit replaces my first pre molar.



    • Chris says:

      It’s hard to say without examining you, but it sounds like that is not a viable scenario for Snap On. That would be a very long cantilever.

  85. Nell Burnham says:

    I have to have my front top right tooth pulled because of a failed root canal. I have a hole in my gum above said tooth. Dental school of Morgantown west va has agreed to
    1st- remove said tooth
    2nd- clean and scale
    3rd- bone and gum implants, and of course give me a flipper until all has healed for a permanent implant with a screw one to replace front tooth.
    My bottom 4 front teeth are a little mobile but will tighten up with cleaning and scaling.
    Am I a candidate for snap on smile for the top instead of a flipper while waiting to heal? And if so can you recommend a dentist in or near Uniontown Pa? Or Pittsburg Pa?

    • Chris says:

      Nell, you may be a candidate for a Snap-On instead of a flipper. Speak with your dental student about the possibility. I’m not aware of any dentists in that area but you can find dentists via and call to see if they will do that for you.

  86. Mariam says:

    Hi! My daughters 15, so a teen, and she’s very self cautious about her teeth. She has some problems in her teeth from the start, not hygiene related (because she takes very good care of the teeth and she hates candy so know cavities), but for her birthday all she wants is a snap on smile. I tell her she’s perfect the way she is but she makes me power points and spread sheets on it and she said she doesn’t want her teeth like this anymore. I asked her why not braces she said because these teeth are a part of me and through all the bullying and picking on she doesn’t want to get rid of them. So I guess my main question is that can teens get snap on smile? THANK YOU

    • Chris says:

      I would recommend a consultation with an orthodontist for braces. She doesn’t necessarily need to have any teeth extracted to get braces, so I think she may not understand what that involves. I can’t tell if her condition would improve with Snap On Smile without performing an examination, but regardless I wouldn’t recommend it for her. It’s a temporary fix, not a good long term solution. She’s young and at a great age for braces. That can fix her smile for a lifetime.

  87. Sheri says:

    I am missing teeth 3, 4 and 5. Would a snap on smile work for me for about a year until I get an implant? Also could you refer me to some dentists in the Oakland California area?

  88. Sheri Kay says:

    Hi Chris,

    Would you know of a dentist in the San Francisco, Bay Area that does this type of snap-on? I am missing teeth 3, 4 and 5 and am hoping to get this temporarily until I get an implant. Can you please let me know if you think that would be a good option as this stay plate I have is definitely not going to be an option for me for more than a month. I really hate it.

    • Chris says:

      It is hard to say if you are a good candidate for Snap On. I recommend finding dentists on and calling a few offices to see what they can offer you. Good luck!

  89. I just had my front tooth removed 1/8 and they were not able to do the immediate implant. They gave me a flipper but it hurts when it is in and I thought this was due to the recent tooth removal and will get better. However, I am finding it difficut to talk, eat or even drink water when it is in. I was did a search and found your website and I will talk about other alernativesmentioned with my dentist. However, if he is not aware of or can’t give me these other alternatives can you recommend a denist in my area who could. I live in Spring City, PA

    • Chris says:

      I don’t know of other dentists in your area. I hope you have a productive conversation with hi and he is able to give you an alternative!

  90. Dean says:

    I just had my upper left second/rear molar extracted following a broken root (twice root canalled). With nothing behind, only the crowned molar in front, would the Snap-on be a good option? I won’t have an implant , so my options are limited.

    • Chris says:

      Snap-Ons are really only for temporary fixes. Besides, it sounds like there is no tooth behind the missing one for the Snap-On to grab on to!

  91. Christy says:

    I’m missing 7,8,9, and 10 so I’m assuming this would not work for me. I lost those teeth in a car accident and now I have no clue how to fix this. Any ideas?

    • Chris says:

      That really depends on your examination. Sorry I can’t be of more help, but every patient is different! Visit a dentist for an exam and consultation.

  92. cgp says:

    im missing a single tooth at the top 4th one on the left and im so uncomfortable to smile. my mom is a single mother without insurane so i really cant just walk in and get an implant like i would like to. i want to have my senior pictures but i wouldnt feel comfortable. so i want to give this a try asap. do you know of an ffortable one i can go to in the amrillo area?or please help me further understand what to do. thank you.

    • Chris says:

      Sorry to hear about your dental problem. Snap-On might be a good solution for you. I don’t know dentists in your area but you can look up dentists on Contact the offices and let them know what your situation is and hopefully they will be able to help!

  93. Mike Dutko says:

    I am missing the teeth between #2 & 6 on tne upper right. Is the Snap
    On Smile a possible alternative to a Flippet?
    Thank you

  94. Suzi says:

    My son is 18. We have approx $10,000 or more between braces gone bad (2 different orthodontist), 1 dentist from 3 yrs old to 17 (didn’t tell us he was missing lateral incisors)so we encouraged him to pull them. Son now sees cosmetic surgeon r/t extreme enamel loss (no one can explain why).Not enough bone for implants, many temporary flippers $700 each. Invisilign type trays $100 each, last about a month due to sons bite. Just quoted $9000 for fixed bridge. We still need to get wisdoms extracted. Cavities keep coming r/t enamel loss. Have tried treatments to restore enamel. PLEASE HELP.In Michigan.

  95. Suzi says:

    Son also fell and broke front teeth when he was 17.I know a bridge is best long term. $9000 is not am option right now. His flipper is digging in to his gums. Almost time for senior pictures. Breaking my heart. There has to be a solution. We will have probably $30,000 invested before this is over. Hoping finding this site tonight was answer to my prayers.

    • Chris says:

      Your son may be a candidate for a Maryland bridge, which would be my first choice in a situation like this. You should speak with a dentist (or two, or three) to see if this is possible. Maryland bridges are non-invasive, relatively inexpensive, and much more comfortable.

  96. Barbara says:

    I noticed that you had told one of writers above that you knew of a terrific dentist in LasVegas. Does this Dentist do snap on? If so I would ask if you could email this Dentists name and office no# Thankyou.

  97. Gloria says:

    I have had a Maryland bridge for the past seventeen years with no problem until now and the cement let go. Now they tell me that they don’t do those bridges anymore. I have had to go back to wearing a partial and I hate it. Why can’t they just cement it back on.

    • Chris says:

      It’s great that your original Maryland Bridge lasted for so long, but most dentists (including myself) would be hesitant to offer this as a permanent restoration. These do not last as long as other options. My article above is about using these as temporary restorations.

  98. matthew keys says:

    i want to know who does the snap on smile.

  99. Marianne says:

    I’m having 4 lower front removed and bone graft at time of extraction for implants at a later time. Need to clear infection first. Is snap-on smile good for this application. Dentist mentioned flipper but it sounds like I’d prefer this. And to the above question if you go to the website it will list dentists who work with this in your State. Just plug in the zip code. Thanks for quick reply. Am doing this in 3 weeks time.

    • Chris says:

      Not everyone is a candidate for a Snap-On. That being said, it sounds like you might be able to have a full lower Snap-On to temporarily replace those bottom front teeth.

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