“Surgical-Restorative Resource” Update #3

Welcome my friends to another selection of  articles from the“Surgical-Restorative Resource,” which I co-edit with my colleague Dr. Scott Froum.

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(1) Tack and Wave technique: predictable veneer cementation

Dr. David Hornbrook is one of the leading lecturers on cosmetic dentistry.  Here he describes a fantastic technique for cementing veneers.  A Curious Dentist reader, Jamie, asked me a few months ago to go into detail on my process after reading this article here.  Well, Dr. Hornbrook did a better job than I ever could.


(2) Improving esthetics and periodontal health through orthodontic alignment

Have you heard about Six Month Smiles?  I’ve seen it advertised in a few journals but never knew much about it.  Dr. Lauren Argentina wrote a great article for us last month that shed some light on the subject.  It seems to me to be a great alternative when clear aligner technology becomes unpredictable for cases of moderate difficulty.


(3) Saving teeth through surgical endodontics

Wait! Don’t give up on that tooth just yet.  Dr. Manish Garala has some opinions to share with you about how and when endodontists can give ailing teeth a second or third chance.  I love implants, but there are many times when saving a tooth should be considered as a viable treatment option.


(4) Detecting cement in the peri-implant sulcus

Nothing will ruin your day like causing inflammation around a nice new implant restoration because you left cement where it doesn’t belong.  Oops.  Valerie Sterberg Smith, RDH, shows us how to find out if we’ve done that and what we can do about it.


(5) Simplifying occlusion to gain patient acceptance

I’ve written a lot about occlusion on The Curious Dentist.  It’s a nerdy passion of mine.  Last summer at the ADA New Dentist Conference I had the great pleasure of attending a lecture by Dr. Mark Murphy.  I highly recommend seeing him if you ever have the chance to attend one of his courses.  In this article, he discusses how we can translate difficult occlusal concepts to our patients.


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