“Surgical-Restorative Resource” Update #6


Welcome to another collection of articles from The Surgical-Restorative Resource, a website I co-edit with Dr. Scott Froum that focuses on the team approach to complex care.  We publish two articles, twice a month and send them our via our SRR e-newsletter.  There’s a lot of great content to share, so sign up for the newlsetter if you don’t want to miss any of the articles.


(1) “Periocclusion”

gardonmollardIs there really a connection between periodontal disease and occlusion?  Dr. Guillaume Gardon-Mollard shares his thoughts and a great case to walk us through it.  He also writes one of my favorite dental blogs, The Dentalist, which you can run through Google Translate if you don’t speak French.


(2) “All-On-4 Treatment Option: A Case Report”

staceysimmonsDr. Stacey Simmons posted an excellent photographic journey of immediate-loading an All-On-4 case.  You’ll see her treatment plan and execute picking up temporary cylinders in the patient’s denture.



(3) “Dentist-Induced Peri-Implantitis”

jonathanfordDon’t blame the surgeon and don’t blame the implant company.  Sometimes us restorative dentists are the cause of peri-implant disease.  Dr. Jonathon Ford shares a case that is all too common in our offices.



(4)”How Effective are Locally-Delivered Antibiotics?”

tinabeckSome companies will have you believe that local antibiotics can and should be used in waaaaay more clinical situations than you’d expect.  Do these things actually work?  Periodontist Dr. Tina Beck gives us a good review of the most current literature.



(5) “Hidden Dental Dangers of Undiagnosed Obstructive Sleep Apnea”

danbruceI was surprised to learn about the ways obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) can affect perio, pedo, ortho, surgery, restorative, and the TMJ.  Dr. Dan Bruce is an expert on the subject and makes a strong case for the subtle influence of OSA on our work.

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